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Presentation Guidelines

Produce a brief PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck (10-15 slides) containing the following information about your venture:

The order in which you present the information is up to you, as long as you cover all the information.


Brief description of your venture.


How did you get the idea for this venture?


Who are your target customers?
What is the problem you are solving, or unmet need you are meeting, for those customers?


Who are your competitors?
What are their strengths and weaknesses?


How will your solution meet the needs of the target customers?
What is your Unique Value Proposition? (why would customers choose your solution over the competitors’?)
How will you make and deliver your solution? (key resources, skills and costs involved)

Business Model

Explain your business model.
What is your source(s) of revenue?
How will revenues exceed costs? (or cover costs if your venture is a non-profit)


Have you built a working prototype of your solution? Explain how this works
Have you tested/validated your assumptions with actual customers?
Have you produced and sold any of your solution?

Projections and Planning

What are your revenue and profit projections for the first 3-5 years?
Explain the assumptions behind your revenue projections (market size, market share, price, growth over time).
Explain the assumptions behind your cost projections (start up costs, fixed costs, variable costs).
What is your go-to-market plan? (key activities needed to launch your solution)
Who is your team? (explain the team members, their roles and skills)


What do you feel are the biggest challenges you face in making your venture a reality? (e.g. strong competition…… building the solution, etc.)

Video Guidelines (Optional)

Produce a brief video (max 2 mins) outlining what your venture is about:

Who is the customer?
What is their need?
What is your solution?
How does it meet the need?
How does it work?
Why would the customer buy it?

The order in which you present the information is up to you, as long as you cover all the sections.

Submission instructions will be released in early spring. Please sign up here for more information and alerts.

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